Newsletter 2010/11

YAS – Prehistory Research Section: Newsletter No19


2010-11 Programme of Activities

Thursday 22nd July 2010: Field Trip to Fylingdales Moor: Site Excavation and Rock Art

Following the moorland fire in 2003, an unexpected landscape of prehistoric monuments was revealed on Fylingdales Moor, near Ravenscar. This year, Blaise Vyner is investigating prehistoric clearance cairns and the enigmatic ‘gullied structures’ on Stoup Brow. He has invited us to join him on-site (weather permitting) to see the final stages of his excavations.

We also will have the opportunity to study examples of ‘cup and ring’ rock art with Paul Brown, whose recently published book (Brown PM & Chappell G, 2005, Prehistoric Rock Art in the North York Moors, Tempus, p33-74) provides a splendid introduction to the sites.

The terrain can be rough and appropriate walking gear/ weather protection is essential, as we will be spending several hours on this exposed heather moorland. Members are advised not to wear shorts, nor to bring dogs onto the moor and to carry any food and drinks they may need for the afternoon.

We will meet in the Stoup Brow car park at NZ 969.012 at 1400hrs (accessed from the A171 Scarborough-Whitby road at the Falcon Inn, follow the signs to Ravenscar and then, when the radio mast is straight ahead on a bend, go straight up the track to the car park). After the visit, there are several local cafes, to refresh you before your journey home. No charges will be made for the visit.

If you intend to come, please contact our Meetings Sec, Maureen Berlin, (0113-226-7453) and advise her whether a) you have any spare seats, or b) you require a lift.

Saturday, 4th December 2010: 1400hrs, Xmas meeting at Claremont

“The Earliest Humans in the Yorkshire Dales: Understanding the Archaeological Record”
Tom Lord, who hosted our visit to his farm at Lower Winskill, Langliffe, nr Settle in August 2008, will update us on recent advances in research into the early human occupation of the Dales.

“Archaeology in Quarries in Northern England: Some Recent Discoveries and Hot Topics”
Clive Waddington of Archaeological Research Services Ltd will tell us about their productive exploration of Tarmac quarry sites in Northumberland, which have yielded evidence of landscape use in the Millfield basin during the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, extending into the Dark Ages.

Saturday, 5th March 2011: 1400hrs at Claremont; Section AGM, preceded by:-

“Rediscovering Gristhorpe Man”
Dr Nigel Melton and Dr Janet Montgomery from the University of Bradford will discuss their re-investigation of the unique EBA log-coffin burial from the cliff-top barrow at Gristhorpe, now housed in the refurbished Rotunda Museum in Scarborough. They will explain how modern scientific techniques have provided much new information upon this important find.


PRS Bulletin No 48 for 2011:
Our Editor, Keith Boughey reports that articles are arriving steadily. The deadline for submissions for the 2011 volume is end September. As well as the normal Bulletin, members will also receive a free monograph upon the excavation of the Harden Moor Ring Cairn. Target publication date is our Section meeting on 4th December.


Updated Diary of Future Archaeological Activities Elsewhere

26th June: YAHS AGM, Claremont

26-27th June: Creswell Crags Visitor Centre: Open day 10.00-1730 hrs: Contact 01909.720.378

1st – 2nd July: Cave Archaeology – past, present and future: Day meeting of the Upland Caves Network at Manchester Museum: Contact Hannah O’Regan: 0151.231.2180

10th July: Rethinking the Bronze Age and the Arrival of Indo-European in Atlantic Europe: Day-forum at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Organised by CAWCS and the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford, it features work by archaeologists and linguists on the Atlantic West: Contact : 01970.636.543

11th September: Dales Heritage Field School: Investigating the Historic Landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales: Devonshire Institute, Grassington: Cost £10: contact

2nd October: Publishing for Local Heritage Groups: CBA Yorkshire workshop at Bar Convent, 17 Blossom Street, York: Cost £10: contact Louise Mallinson, 45 Frank Lane, Thornhill, Dewsbury WF12 0JW

9th October: Climate Change Seminar: 10-4.30 Yorks Dales National Park Centre @ Bainbridge. Contact 01756.751.600.

29-31st October: The Present and Future of British Prehistoric Pottery: Finds, Methods, Interpretations: Joint conference of Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group and Prehistoric Society, at Manchester Museum. Contact I Berg, : 0161.275.7753

16th November: Unfolding the Story: the landscape around Malham, N Yorks: Prof T. O’Connor: joint lecture to PLACE and YPA: Tempest Anderson Hall, York: contact

4th December: YAHS Quern Study Group AGM: 10.30am @ Claremont: free: contact Hon Sec PRS.

tpa January 2011: Derbyshire Archaeology Conference: Rainbow Theatre, Chesterfield.

tpa February 2011: Iron Age of the Thames Valley: Prehistoric Society day conference at Society of Antiquaries, London. Contact: Tessa Machling:

14th May 2011: Prehistoric Soc day conference: University of Durham, including a lecture by Europa prize winner, Natalia Shishlina, a noted researcher into the Bronze Age of Russia. Contact: Tessa Machling:

End Note: The research seminars organised by the Archaeological Dept of Bradford University are expected to resume in the autumn. Meetings have been held on Tuesdays, starting at 17.15hr and finishing ca 18.30hrs. Although their 2010/11 programme is not yet available, if you are interested, do contact the Hon Sec. for details.

John Cruse

Hon Secretary