Prehistoric Yorkshire Vol 50 (2013)


Terence G. Manby D. Litt.   1
Editorial   2
Hon. Secretary’s Report   4
Yorkshire Quern Survey 2012 John Cruse 4
Appleyard Lithics Collection: Correction   5
New Prehistory Group for Huddersfield   5
Pitt Rivers and Yorkshire Alison Petch 6
Spurn Mammoth: Radiocarbon Update   11
PRS Field Trip to Church Hole, Creswell Crags Maureen Berlin 11

From Creswell Crags to Cantabrian Caves. New Research into the Scientific Dating of Ice Age Cave Art and its Implications for the Origins of Art

Maureen Berlin 12
The Chronology of the Later Upper Palaeolithic Recolonisation of Yorkshire: New Results from AMS Radiocarbon Dating of Objects from Caves in the Yorkshire Dales Tom Lord 14
Flensing Knives and Sinew Scrapers Mike Meegan 18
Bayesian Dating Revolution: Postscript   20
Thornborough Henges 2012: Langwith Hall Farm Extension   21
Keeping the ‘Rock Art’ Record Straight: An Update on the Work of the CSI: Rombalds Moor Project Louise Brown and Richard Stroud 21
Stanbury Hill Project – Update 2012 Keith Boughey 28
Walking Limestone Country Alan King 30
A Look at the Lamplough-Lidster Collection : The Excavation of Broxa Barrows 1-4 Keith Boughey 33
Towton Torcs: Update   53
Wincobank Saved from Developers?   54
Lithic Associations of Caves and Potholes in the Yorkshire Dales John Thorp 56
Hut-circles and Beyond: Variation in Later Prehistoric Settlement in the Yorkshire Dales Roger Martlew 63
English Heritage Aerial Reconnaissance in Holderness Summer 2011 Dave MacLeod 71
Prehistoric Features at Raygill House Farm Jim Brophy 74
Hopper Hill Highways Depot, Seamer, North Yorkshire John Buglass, Peter Didsbury, 80
Research Theses Relating to the Prehistory of Yorkshire and/or the North of England Steve Toase and Gerry McDonnell 92
Portable Antiquities Scheme 2011-12    
Reviews of Books and Articles    
Diary of Events    
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