INDEX OF CONTENTS Vol. 46 (2009)

Yorkshire Quern Survey, John Cruse

Drystone Walls, Limestone Caves and a Lynx, M. Berlin

Draft Heritage Protection Bill, K. Boughey

Heritage at Risk Register, K. Boughey

An Acheulian Hand Axe from Redcar and its Palaeolithic Context, P. Rowe & K. Boughey

Mammoth Tusk found at Spurn K. Boughey

Shouldered Points from North-East Yorkshire and the Lower Wharfe M. Meegan

Mesolithic Archaeology in the Calderdale area of the Central Pennines F. Jolley

Milk in Prehistory K. Boughey

Thornborough Henges 2007-8 K. Boughey

Selkirk, A. 2008. What shall we do about Thornborough? Current Archaeology 214, 45 20

The Easingwold Stone Tool Surgery: Its Significance for Yorkshire Prehistory and Beyond V. Davis

Including Possible areas for further research: a brief review of stone tools bibliography

English Rock Art Database K. Boughey

Recording Prehistoric Rock Art in North Yorkshire P. & B. Brown

17 ‘Portable’ Cup-Marked Rocks in the Collection of the late Stuart Feather K. Boughey

Carved Rock found at Ben Rhydding, Ilkley K. Boughey

The Stanbury Hill Project: Archaeological Investigation of a Rock Art Site K. Boughey

Cup-and-Ring-Marked Rock, Cleaves Top, High Bradley, nr. Skipton K. Boughey

Bronze Age Sword On Display at Scarborough K. Boughey

Bronze Age Boat Returns Home R. Waites

Prehistoric Settlement Uncovered near Dewsbury A. Webb & K. Boughey

Stone Balls M. Meegan

Gipton Wood P. Kelley

Iron Age ‘Waterhole’ Uncovered at York University K. Boughey

The Wolf Den Ten Years On P.J. Murphy

Audit of Archaeological Cave Resources in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales H. Holderness, G. Davies, A. Chamberlain & R. Donahue

Cave Archaeology in Craven A. King

Abstract of Some Recent Excavation and Museum Updates including the 2007 A. King

Cave Research Symposium held in Settle

Archaeological Finds on the Natural Gas Pipeline between Asselby and Pannal F. Brown

Update on ‘Deep Road through the Long North’ – S. Noon

Archaeology discovered in West and North Yorkshire on the Pannal to Nether Kellet Pipeline Yorkshire Finds from the Portable Antiquities Scheme: K. Boughey

• 2006 Portable Antiquity Scheme Annual Report

• Neolithic flint knife: Thorp Arch near Wetherby, W. Yorks.

• Neolithic polished flint axe: Huddersfield, W. Yorks.

• Finger Ring: Cawood, N. Yorks.

• Middle Bronze Age palstave: Wykeham, N. Yorks

• Middle Bronze Age flanged axe or palstave: Castleford, W. Yorks.

• A Late Iron Age/Romano-British ‘dumb-bell’ toggle: Thorner, W. Yorks.

• Late Iron Age/Romano-British copper alloy end looped cosmetic pestle: Darrington, W. Yorks.

• Late Iron Age/Romano-British mortar and pestle: Micklefield, nr. Garforth, E of Leeds


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