INDEX OF CONTENTS Vol. 45 (2008)


Yorkshire Quern Survey 2007, John Cruse

Boston Spa and District Community Archaeology Group: an apology
Castleford Forum - Update

Scarborough Museum: past, present and future, Keith Boughey

Proposed removal of prehistory & Roman displays from the new Leeds Gallery, John Cruse

I Dig Sheffield

Human environmental impacts in prehistory in the Swale-Ure Washlands, North Yorkshire, James Innes, David Bridgland, Antony Long, Wishart Mitchell & Mairead Rutherford

New work at Star Carr, Chantal Conneller

A remarkable collection of tranchet axes from the Carrs, Keith Boughey

Possible Mesolithic fish hook, Mike Meegan

Understanding the role of the central Pennines in the movement of objects during the Neolithic, Hannah Lynch

Thornborough Henges 2007, Mike Sanders

Archaeoastronomy and the monument complex of Thornborough, North Yorkshire, Jan Harding, Ben Johnson & Glyn Goodrick

The Hatfield trackway and platform, Hatfield Moors, South Yorkshire, Henry Chapman & Benjamin Gearey

A ritual focus on the Swale gravels? Late Neolithic timber circuits at Catterick, Keith Boughey, Duncan Hale & Andy Platell

Prehistoric rock art discovered at Whitby Abbey

An interim account of rock markings in the South Pennines, Dave Shepherd & Frank Jolley

A group of arrowheads from the Pennines in the collection of Brian Howcroft, Frank Jolley

Bronze Age Collared Urn burial discovered in Stanbury, Jane Richardson & Ian Sanderson

Excavations at Streethouse Farm 2007, Steve Sherlock

Prehistoric diet on the Yorkshire Wolds: isotopes and skeletons, Mandy Jay

The use of colour in Iron Age art: a case study from East Yorkshire, Melanie Giles

North Craven Historical Research Group: The Giggleswick Scar Project, Phil Hudson et al.

Kingsdale Head: Ingleborough Archaeology Group’s excavations 2005-2007, Carol Howard & Alan King

Deepdale, Miles Johnson

Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire, 2007, Blaise Vyner

Pontefract Road, Ferrybridge, Jason Mole

Leeds Valley Park, Stourton

Newton Lane, Ledston

Deep road through the long north, Stuart Noon

An artist’s response to prehistoric landscapes: the work of John Allcock, John Allcock

Portable Antiquities Scheme: reports and finds