INDEX OF CONTENTS Vol. 36 (1999)


Walter Patrick Bowman Stonehouse 1913-1998 T.G. Manby 2
Pat Stonehouse: A Bibliography T.G. Manby 3
Some Mesolithic Sites on the Central Pennine Watershed W.P.B. Stonehouse 4-8
E.V. Darby and the Darby Collection P.M. Rawson 9-12
An Antler Mattock from Calf Hole, Skyrethorns T.G. Manby 12-13
A Chert Tranchet Axe from Calvert Houses T.C. Laurie 14-15
Early Mesolithic Flint Axes and Adzes in Yorkshire T.G. Manby 16
. Beckensall, S. & Laurie, T. 1998. Prehistoric Rock Art of County Durham, Swaledale and Wensleydale 17
. Stoertz, C. Ancient Landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds: Aerial photographic transcription and analysis 17