INDEX OF CONTENTS Vol. 33 (1996)


The Foundation(s) of the Section T.G. Manby 2-3
A Neolithic Flint Industry Site at Wandale Farm, Bempton, near Bridlington, East Yorkshire J.R. Earnshaw 4-8
Research on Prehistoric Jet and Jet-Like Artefacts in Scotland and Wales A. Sheridan & M. Davis 9-15
John Robert Mortimer: the Making of a Nineteenth Century Archaeologist S. Harrison 16-23
. Gaunt, G. A Guide to Lithological Descriptions and Provenance of Quern Stones in Yorkshire and the North Midland 23
. van der Noort, R. & Ellis, S. (eds). 1995. Wetland Heritage of Holderness an archaeological survey 23
. Vyner. B. (ed). 1995. Moorland Monuments: Studies in Honour of Raymond Hayes and Don Spratt 23
. Brewster, T.C.M. & Finney, A.E. 1995. The Excavation of Seven Round Barrows on the Moorlands of North-East Yorkshire 23